Stand Location

We will be selling Phantom Fireworks at 3777 N Clovis Ave.  Just North of Dakota on the frontage road on the west side of Clovis Ave.

We will begin selling at 3PM on Friday, June 28th


 Our program has to have money to operate. But we don't want financial hardship to prevent a child from signing up.  We are partnering with Phantom Fireworks to sell fireworks this 4th of July, in part, to help families cover there registration fees.  If you've already paid your fees in advance, you can still sell!!! You can decide to either get cash back up to the amount you paid or you can decide to help another child out.   

Fundraiser Option #1

   Once your child is registered, you can check out vouchers from our board. These vouchers have a $10 value and can be redeemed for $10 worth of fireworks at our stand during selling hours. Families sell these for $10 each.  30% of these sales go directly towards your child's registration fees.

Fundraiser Option #2

 You can sign up to volunteer as a salesperson at our stand. You will earn money towards your child's account for every shift you work.  There are some restrictions set forth by the state as to who can sell.  One of our board members can help answer those questions and help you sign up to volunteer!!!